A blow-by-blow of Trump's battles with scientists in 2017

The White House’s first list of priorities for investments in science and technology research, which was released in late August, makes no mention of climate change.

Instead, the blueprint demands federal agencies focus research on delivering short-term gains in strengthening national defence, the economy, border security, “energy dominance,” as well as improving public health.

The four-page memo also added that scientists shouldn’t need any additional spending, and should focus on basic research before, as science writer Jeffery Mervis notes, stepping aside “as quickly as possible to let industry pursue any results that show commercial promise.”

Experts say the memo not only shows the Trump administration doesn’t see science and technology as a priority, but its actions and pronouncements throughout 2017 have threatened to weaken science and dismantle climate protections by consistently disregarding, undermining and misrepresenting facts and scientific evidence…

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Misha Gajewski