How Much Sushi Is Too Much?

The scenario: Your friend loves sushi like most people love their children, pets, and sports teams. Their eyes bore into a spicy salmon roll with the intensity of a wild animal sizing up its prey. They appear to eat the stuff for every meal.

You’ve never seen someone stuff that much raw fish, seaweed, and rice down their gullet. It’s awe-inspiring and a bit nauseating. Doesn’t fish have mercury? And the fact that it's raw has to be upping their chance of acquiring some kind of parasite, right?

The facts: Sushi is, for the most part, perfectly good for you, what with its healthy fats and punch of protein. But then things happen like a man in Fresno pulling a five-foot tapeworm out of his rectum because he got a parasitic infection from eating sushi and you start to wonder…

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Misha Gajewski